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Stop Dreaming About Working Abroad

Start Living Your Dreams With Jetsitters

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Jetsitters is a Canadian based company providing job opportunities in the most desirable vacation spots in Canada

What Our Jetsitters Say About Us

Young Woman with Black Hair

I travelled to Canada with
a friend and we both 
became babysitters because we needed the extra cash to continue our travels at the end of the season. It's a great way to make extra money on your holiday.

Smiling Young Girl

Working for Jetsitters is super flexible - you get to pick and choose shifts that work with your schedule. I wish all jobs were like this...

woman 2

I think this is the BEST job to have if you want to work at different ski resorts. Not only is it fun, but knowing you still have a job when you go to a different resort is one less stress to worry about.

Heading 6
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