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  • Who do you employ as sitters?
    We are highly selective with who we bring on as sitters. Most of our sitters have professional childcare experience in areas such as healthcare, education, early development, special needs, sports and recreation and other such professionals. Sitters must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for an interview: 3+ years of childcare experience Clear criminal record check within the past 6 months Previous first-aid training We are proud to say Jetsitters is an equal opportunity employer with a diverse and inclusive workforce. We do not discriminate against any persons based on their protected Human Rights in Canada. We encourage our parents to also be inclusive. Don't forget, each of our sitters has been fully vetted for your child's safety and your peace of mind.
  • Are you and your sitters insured?
    Yes, Jetsitters holds a comprehensive insurance policy covering the following while in the care of Jetsitters: your children, your home and belongings, and your personal information. We also provide Work Safe coverage for each of our sitters.
  • When are your sitters available?
    Our sitters are available anytime! The majority of our parents book time between the hours of 8 am until midnight, but we can also provide sitters during non-typical hours as our sitter availability permits. Advance bookings are highly recommended for non-typical hours
  • Can I hire your sitters privately?
    No. Our sitters and our parents are not insured if they work outside of the Jetsitters platform. Risking the health and safety of your child or our sitters to save a buck just isn't worth it. Please don't put your family or our sitters in that situation! For this reason, it is a violation of the terms and conditions for sitters and parents to work together outside of our service and will result in the termination of the sitters contract with us and your use of our service in the future.
  • Will my sitter do chores if I need them to?
    Your sitters' primary role is to care for your children. This includes indoor and outdoor playtime, preparing meals, changing diapers, putting kids to bed, etc. Your sitter will tidy up from the activities they engage your children in during the service. Anything extra is as time permits and at the discretion of your sitter.
  • How can I contact my sitter?
    Our sitters are provided with your contact details at the time they are scheduled. You can request your sitters contact details from them directly when they arrive at your location. Until then, you can message us for any assistance.
  • Why should I choose Jetsitters over other service providers?
    Caring for your children requires the utmost level of care and protection, and yet our industry is sorely lacking in regulations and requirements, risking your child and your sitters health and safety. We take our responsibility to your family and our sitters very seriously and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We fully vet each sitter and provide comprehensive insurance protection while your children are in the care of our sitters. Comprehensive insurance is very expensive in this industry, and shockingly, not required. For your peace of mind we encourage you to ask every child care service provider for a copy of their certificate of insurance and review it carefully.
  • Do you babysit new borns?
    We love babies! We provide sitters for all ages of children.
  • Will your sitters take my kids outdoors if I ask?
    Absolutely! Our sitters are happy to take the kids outdoors. Snow angels in fresh powder, strolls through the village, gondola rides, an afternoon at the playground, a warm beverage and story time in the kids corner at the local cafe... it's all part of the fun. Just let us know how we can delight your children and add to the magic of their holiday!
  • Will the sitter bring toys for the kids?
    No, however, Jetsitters offers toy rentals for the duration of your stay. Ask us about it!
  • Do you have sitters qualified to care for my child with special needs?
    We have sitters with a wide variety of skills and qualifications and may be able to provide you with a caregiver with specific training in the area of your child's special requirements. Ask us in advance and we will do our best to accomodate your child needs.
  • Will my sitter take my child skiing or mountain biking?
    We love to get the kids outdoors! Activities with a higher risk of injury such as skiing or mountain biking are best enjoyed with parents or qualified instructors. All other activities are options and parents will need to pre-sign any waiver forms required and provide the sitter with the cash needed to cover the cost of the activity for the sitter and the kids. Be sure to make a note in your booking so your sitter can come prepared.
  • What happens if my child gets injured or becomes ill in your care?
    We believe most accidents can be prevented but we also know they can happen. If your child gets injured or becomes ill during our care, our sitter will contact you right away while they provide appropriate basic treatment for your child. If it is an emergency situation, we will contact 911 emergency services first, and then contact you. Our sitters will not administer medicine to your child unless it is prescribed to them and in it's original packaging, in which case, we will follow the instructions and dosage as indicated. Be sure to note important medical details when you book.
  • Can I book over the phone or by email?
    We take all of our bookings online at so we can capture all the important details that we require to assign you a sitter. To make things easier and quicker for future bookings, create an account with your booking and save your booking details. These will automatically populate whenever you make a new booking - just be sure to update any changes since your last booking such as location or childcare details
  • Can I request the same sitter for each of my bookings?
    Unfortunately, it not possible to request sitters. When you create a booking, a notification goes out to all eligible sitters and assignment is based on many factors including individual sitter availability, sitter eligibility, a myriad of employment standards, and a committment to our sitters for a fair and equitable distribution of shifts - just to name a few.
  • What are the maximum number of kids per sitter?
    This will depend on the ages of the children. We have a maximum limit of 5 children per sitter for children age 3 and up, and a maximum limit of 3 children per sitter if any one child is between the ages of 0-36 months. An additional sitter will be required above our maximum number of children.
  • The booking calendar isn't showing the time I want, can I still book?"
    If the calendar isn't showing your desired time it either means we don't have any sitters available during that timeframe, you are trying to book with less than 12 hours notice, or that you are trying to create a booking that goes past midnight - which our system recognizes as a different day. If you wish to book past midnight, then create a booking up until midnight, and then make a note in your booking of the actual time and we will make the adjustment and send you an updated confirmation to reflect your request. If you are trying to book at the last minute (less then 12 hours notice), go back to the service options and choose last minute booking instead. Last minute requests are not guaranteed until we find you an available sitter.
  • I have an older child who doesn't require a babysitter. Do I need to include them in my booking?
    If the child remains on the premises during the booking, then we consider this babysitting, regardless of age or amount of care required. Please add them to the booking. If the child can leave the premises at anytime without the knowledge or consent of the sitter, than you do not need to include them in the booking, just make a note in the booking to notify us of the situation
  • Can my booking include children that are not my own?
    Absolutely! We do have a maximum of 5 children ages 3 and up per sitter, or a maximum of 3 children if any one child is age 0-36 months.
  • Can I stay out later than I planned?
    Generally, it is not a problem to stay out later than you originally scheduled but always check with your sitter first to ensure they don't have other plans. Additional time will be charged in one hour increments. We will adjust your booking for you and charge you accordingly
  • How do I pay for my service?
    We take your credit card details at the time of booking and then charge your card after the service has been completed or upon cancelation without the required amount of notice.
  • Do I need to tip my sitter?
    Tipping is customary in Canada for hospitality and service workers, and it is really appreciated, but not mandatory. Tipping is generally 10-20% of the total service price and can be paid to your sitter in cash at the end of your service
  • I haven't recieved my sitter introduction email yet, am I booked?"
    Confirmed bookings - If you recieved a booking confirmation, you will be assigned a sitter. We generally send out sitter introductions between 12-24 hours prior to your booking unless your booking was last minute, in which case we will send as soon as we assign you a sitter. If you did not get a notification from us right after you booked, it may have gone to your junkmail. If it is not in your junkmail, you may have mispelled your email address in your original booking, or the booking process may not have been completed. Reach out to us if this is the case as soon as you can and we will look into it for you No sitters available - On very rare occasions a sitter is not available for a booking. If this is the case, we will notify 12 hours beforehand and you will not be charged Last minute sitter request - If you made a last minute sitter request (less than 12 hours notice), a sitter is not guaranteed until we notify you of your newly assigned sitter or cancel your request due to lack of sitter availability
  • Help! My sitter has not arrived for their scheduled time! What do I do?
    If you have an international phone number your sitter may not be able to call you and may have emailed you instead. Check your email (including junk mail) for a message from your sitter or Jetsitters. Most likely, your sitter is having difficulty finding your location or accessing your building if you are staying in a hotel, condo, or a location with multiple buildings and entrances, or if your address is different than the one you provided in your booking. If there is not a message in your inbox or junk mail, contact us by email right away at and we will locate your sitter.
  • I have an international phone number, will that affect my booking?"
    You can book with an international phone number but please be aware that some international numbers cannot recieve calls based on your phone plan, and / or your sitters' phone plan. In those instances, we will only be able to text or email you if we need to contact you. When your sitter arrives for your service, we recommend you test your ability to communicate with one another before you leave.
  • What is your cancelation policy?
    You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled booking at no charge. Full booking charges apply for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice* unless Jetsitters initiates the cancellation**, no exceptions. ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED ONLINE. Your booking can be accessed through the links in any confirmation email or by logging into your account if you created one. Refunds are not given for any unused time. *Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund with less than 24 hours notice. While we recognize there are multitudes of unanticipated reasons our clients may need to cancel last minute, we still have a responsibility to compensate our caregivers who have scheduled that time to serve you. **Jetsitters reserves the right to cancel any bookings at our discretion without compensation.
  • Can I get a refund if I have to cancel last minute for extenuating circumstances?
    Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund with less than 24 hours notice. While we recognize there are multitudes of unanticpated reasons our clients may need to cancel last minute, we still have a responsibility to compensate our caregivers who have scheduled that time to serve you.
  • Can I change my booking time or date?
    Change booking date and time: 24 hours notice required, subject to availability. Changes to booking details (location, notes, kids etc): 4 hours in advance of booking. You can make changes to the time, date, or intake details of your booking by clicking the link at the bottom of your booking confirmation email. If you wish to change the number of children you will need to cancel and rebook, or you can email us for assistance.

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